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How to Download Instagram Videos, Stories, and Photos :

The ability to save Instagram content has always been one of the most requested features by users. Some people try to save content by taking screenshots, but that leaves something to be desired when it comes to photo quality.

We have different techniques for downloading the different types of media – check out our guide! Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to download Instagram videos, stories, and photos. Don’t worry if you don’t get it right away – many people struggle with this the first time!

Before downloading Instagram videos or posts, make sure to get permission from the creators and make sure that content can only be downloaded from public accounts. Instagram users can choose whether or not to make their accounts public. To make an Instagram account private, adjust the account’s privacy settings to private.

This is the procedure to take if you want to download Instagram posts to your phone.

Easily download/save Instagram photos to your phone or computer :

To begin, go to and click on the hamburger button on the home screen, then press on Tools and then Instagram Downloader.

If you want to download a photo, simply open the account from which you want to download it.

Select the photo, then press the three-dots icon, then the Copy link.

Return to the website and select Download photo, paste the link, then select Search from the drop-down menu.

In the results area, you’ll see the photo you want to download. Then select the Download option.

Download/save Instagram videos to your phone or computer :

To download videos, you’ll need to go to first, just like you would download Instagram photos.

Return to the home screen, press the hamburger icon, then Tools, and then Instagram Downloader.

To download the video, simply open the account from which you want to download it, choose the photo, tap the three-dots icon, and then click the Copy link.

Then return to the website and select Download video, paste the link and select Search.

In the results area, the video you want to download will display. Then select the Download option.

How to download Instagram stories to your phone or computer :

You must first go to the website

To download Instagram stories, go to the website and select the Download Stories option.

The username of the Instagram account from which the stories should be downloaded must then be entered.

You’ll subsequently be able to browse both current and archived Highlights. Simply select the Download option to save the story to your device.

Both the phone and the PC follow the identical procedure for downloading images, videos, and tales.

Alternatives to downloading Instagram posts :

There are a few websites listed below that allow you to download Instagram photos, videos, and stories to your phone and computer. To learn more, follow these steps.

To download Instagram stories, go to on your phone or computer.

Once the website has loaded, type the username of your Instagram account into the search box and click Download.

Scroll down to see the stories and save them to your device by selecting Save as video.

In addition, go to on your phone or computer to download photographs and videos.

Copy the link to the video or photo you want to download from Instagram.

Return to the website and put the link into the search box. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Download Now to save the photo to your device.

Alternatives to downloading Instagram video :

Instagram already has a great way for its users to share short videos—the Instagram video feature—but reels are a new and exciting way for users to give their content of any kind an extra boost. The reason why you’ll want to download Instagram reels is that they’re perfect for capturing the essence of an event or trip in just a few seconds, and they play seamlessly on all devices without needing to load any videos first. These videos can be shared on all your social media channels, but are also perfectly formatted as Instagram video posts.

As one might expect from Instagram, these reels are quick, easy, and fun. Plus, they’re also very simple to download! That’s because all you need to do is click on the three dots in the top right of your feed.

Scroll down and select “Download Video” and it will automatically save it to your phone—so you can view it again later or add it to even more social media channels.

This process is as simple as it gets, but many users have had issues with reels freezing or not playing properly on their Mac or PC. There’s actually a workaround for that which I’ll tell you about.

How to download Instagram reels :

Instagram has recently introduced its reels, and they provide a new way for people to share short videos with their followers. They’re perfect for capturing the essence of an event or trip in just a few seconds, and they play seamlessly on all devices without needing to load a video first. As one might expect from Instagram, these reels are quick, easy, and fun. Plus, they’re also very simple to download!

Now that you’ve learned about this new feature on Instagram (and how it works!), it’s time to go forth and conquer the world of short-form video sharing like some kind of Insta-god.

How to access Instagram reels :

1) Go to the timeline of a post you’re interested in sharing.

2) Click on the edit button in the top left corner. A pop-up will appear asking you to choose a video from your feed. Pick one. Or pick more! Either way, it’s pretty easy and straightforward, you can select as many videos that suit your needs by scrolling through your previous posts or tapping “Select All” if you have them all available, or creating a new playlist by selecting “Add to Playlist,” which is on the far right of this screen.

3) Click “Record a Video” in the pop-up. You’ll be prompted to take a photo or video to accompany your Instagram reel.

4) Once you’re happy with your video, click “Done.” It will then automatically upload the video to your account, and you can start prepping for congratulatory mentions and reposts.

How to download Instagram reels :

Instagram is one of the most versatile social media platforms, offering both posting tools and sharing features that are unmatched by any other platform. While it may have taken the world by storm as recently as 2012, it has since become a powerhouse in its own right.

But one thing that Instagram hasn’t yet been able to perfect is the mechanics of creating and sharing Vine-like videos, or short-form videos. Instagram has had a slight, but not entirely uneventful—run with Vine integration in the form of Instagram Stories, but users have been wanting to create their own custom video clips.

That’s finally changed with the introduction of Instagram reels. This new feature delivers a simple and easy way for users to create compelling video clips without having to worry about the additional strain from posting on Vine on a daily basis, or worrying about posting something else.

If your Instagram reels aren’t playing correctly on your device, you should first try downloading them from your phone to your hard drive and then transfer them back onto your device. This should solve any problems they may have had previously.

Note: If you’re having issues getting the reels of the video to download, there’s a great chance that it could be an issue with your storage. You might want to resolve it before you continue any further.

1) With the Instagram app open on your device, go to Settings and select “Storage” or “Storage Usage.”

2) Locate the video in question and tap on its thumbnail. It should begin downloading automatically.

3) Once the video has been transferred to your device, head back to Instagram and select the “My Story” tab. It will now be available to you to view.

4) Once you have watched the video, tap “New Story” in the top left corner. Select a length for your story, and then tap the selfie icon in the bottom left corner of your screen so it appears on your screen. Take a photo with your device (or snap a selfie) and it will be uploaded to Instagram after that.

Then, repeat the steps for every Instagram reel you want to share.


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