Happy Krishna Janmashtami 2021: Wishes, Messages, Images, Quotes, & Whatsapp status

Krishna Janmashtami Significance :

Shri Krishna is a manifestation of Lord Vishnu, and his birthday is celebrated every year as Janmashtami. The festival is significant not only for India, but also for other countries. On this day, devotees of Lord Krishna raise ‘Jhankis’ and pray. According to Hindu Panchang, Lord Krishna’s birthday is celebrated every year on the eighth day of Bhadrapada month’s Krishan Paksha, which corresponds to August–September on the English calendar. This year’s festival will take place on Monday, August 30.
On this occasion, the devotees fast for the entire day. Puja is done at night, and people break their fast after feeding Lord Krishna with ‘Bhog’. The fast observed on Janmashtami is given the status of ‘Vratraj’ in Hindu Shastra. It is thought that keeping this fast yields more benefits than keeping multiple fasts throughout the year. Monday, August 30 is the auspicious date and time for Janmashtami. Nishith Puja Muhurat lasts 44 minutes, from 23:59:27 to 24:44:18. The Janmashtami Paran Muhurat falls on August 31 after 05:57:47 a.m.
Devotees begin preparing their place of worship early in the morning. A variety of items and clothing are brought to decorate Lord Krishna. It is believed that Lord Krishna’s full makeup on this day makes him very happy, and he grants wishes to his devotees. Palna can be used to decorate him because Lord Krishna’s Ladoo Gopal Swaroop is worshipped on this day. Mukut with mor pankh, shankh, bansuri, sudarshan chakra, kundal-mani, mala, sharang dhanush, payal, and gada, new clothes Cows, tulsi, makhan-mishri, and pangeere were also favourites of Lord Krishna.
Lord Krishna treasures these items and keeps them close to him. As a result, even devotees bring these items with them.

Krishna Jayanthi 2021 Wishes :

(1) Today is a special day as someone special was born,
To fight against inhumanity,
To save the trust in God,
Happy Krishna Janmashtami!

(2)  May Lord Krishna steal your tensions and worries on Janmashtami, and give you love, peace and happiness. Happy Janmashtami!

(3) May Lord Krishna’s flute invite the melody of love into your life. May Radha’s love teach not only how to love but to love eternally! Happy Janmashtami from all of us!

Janmashtami Celebrations Around the World :

Hindus all over the Indian subcontinent and abroad celebrate Janmashtami with great zeal. We conduct a whistle-stop journey around the world in “A Janmashtami Journey” to see how this beautiful event is celebrated.

Krishna Ashtami Wishes And Quotes :

(1) Maakhan Chor Nandkishor Kaanha Ke Janmdin Ki Apni Shaan,
Sab Ke Pyaare Krishna Dulaare Hain Hum Sabke Praan!
Jai Sri Krishna!

(2) Yashoda Ke Nandlaal, Hamare Rakhpal,
Hum Bhulanhaar, Wo Paalanhaar…
Hare Krishna!

Happy Krishna Janmashtami To All!

(3) Radhe Krishna, Hare Krishna!
Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare!

Happy Krishna Janmashtami to all.

Krishna Janmashtami date 2021 :

Monday, 30 August, 2021

Krishna Janmashtami images 2021 :

*Celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna who enchants everyone with his playful mischiefs. Have a happy and blessed Krishna Janmashtami!

*Let’s celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna with full fervor and enthusiasm. Happy Janmashtami!

*May Murli Manohar continue to shower health and happiness on your family, and may you always remain in his list of favourites. Happy Janmashtami!

Krishna Janmashtami Decoration & Krishna Janmashtami decoration ideas at home :

One of the most prevalent ways to decorate temples and puja sthans is using flowers. Jasmine and mogra are two aromatic flowers that Lord Krishna like. You can use these flowers to embellish the temple by weaving them into long threads and wrapping them around his jhula as well.

Lights In Krishna Janmashtami :

Fairy lights can transform any space into a magical setting. Pick your favourite colour and turn on the festivities to brighten up your temple with these miniature exquisite dazzling lights in blue, white, pink, or yellow.

Rangoli In Krishna Janmashtami :

One of the most traditional methods to decorate your home for a celebration is with a rangoli. This Indian tradition is a nice way to greet visitors and hence is ideal for Janmashtami decoration. Make a colourful rangoli in front of your house’s shrine to greet Lord Krishna’s arrival at midnight.

Make a Dahi Handi on Krishna Janmashtami :

Lord Krishna enjoyed ‘Dahi,’ or curd, as well as unsalted white butter. There are various folktales about his stealing curd and butter as a child and then being caught. On Janmashtami, these are the two most important ingredients to present when praying to the Lord. You can decorate a small handi by painting it and adorning it with golden laces and mirrors. Fill it with curd and hang it up.

Decorate Shree Krishna Bansuri :

Lord Krishna enjoyed playing the bansuri, or Indian flute. He composed music that delighted his peers and acquaintances. Select a couple bansuris and embellish them with rhinestones, brocades, and mirrors. You can use them as decorations or simply place them near the temple; either way, they will add a lot of passion to your Janmashtami celebration.

Krishna Janmashtami status :

Happy Janmashtami 2021 Wishes Images: Happy Janmashtami! (Designed by Gargi Singh)
Happy Janmashtami 2021 Wishes Images: Happy Janmashtami! (Designed by Gargi Singh)

Krishna Janmashtami Fast 2021 :

Janmashtami VratWhat to Eat and What Not to Eat During Janmashtami Vrat :

  • Janmashtami Vrat -What to Eat and What Not to Eat During Janmashtami Vrat.
  • Fruits and coconut water are options.
  • You are welcome to drink milk.
  • In whatever form, avoid rice, wheat, and lentils. Garlic, onions, and other Tamasic foods should be avoided.
  • Meat and fish are off-limits.
  • Vrat Rules for Janmashtami.
  • Take a bath first thing in the morning.
  • Put on something new and clean.
  • Face the East and offer your prayers to the Sun God and other deities.
  • Then perform Sankalpa (make a vow that you will sincerely keep the vrat).
  • Continue to recite Krishna’s name (naam japa).
  • Maintain your chastity.
  • Donate food to those who are in need.
  • You are free to feed a cow, calf, or any other animal.
  • Do not harvest Tulsi leaves from the plant you may have at home on Janmashtami day.
  • Do not smoke or drink alcoholic beverages.
  • Before beginning the vrat, anyone with a medical condition relating to nutrition should visit their doctor.

Those who cannot manage their hunger pains with fruits and milk can indulge in vrat delicacies like as aloo jeera, kuttu/singhare ki poori, sabudana khichdi or vada, among others.
Before completing the puja in the evening, take another bath. The detailed Janmashtami Puja Vidhi can be seen here. You can either break your fast after the puja or wait until the next morning. If you can wait a little longer, you can break your fast after Ashtami Tithi. To find out when to do the parana (break the fast) and at what hour, click here.
Remember that fasting is a method of cleansing the body and mind by eliminating toxic wastes. As a result, one must allow the digestive system to rest and relax. Only foods that are easily digestible should be consumed. As a result, Sattvik aahar, or simple food without spices, is advised. Furthermore, only when the body has enough time to rest does it have a chance to connect with higher powers.

Krishna Janmashtami ke bhajan :

Krishna Janmashtami quotes :

  • Krishna shows you the way in your life as He showed the way to Arjuna in the battle of Mahabharata.
  • Happy Janmashtami, May Lord Krishna showers all his blessings on you. May you get lots of happiness in life.
  • That one is dear to me who runs not after the pleasant or away from the painful, grieves not, lusts not, but lets things come and go as they happen.
  • May Lord Krishna shower its most cheerful blessing on all and strength 2 every 1 facing difficulties in their lives. Happy Krishna Janmashtami!
  • May you and your family prosper with the blessings of the divine Lord Krishna.
  • You have the right to work, but never to the fruit of work. You should never engage in action for the sake of reward, nor should you long for inaction.
  • Do you work with the welfare of others always in mind? It was by such work that Janaka attained perfection; others too have followed this path.
  • May the festival of Janmashtami bring lot of happiness and fun around, how about stealing the butter? Happy Janmashtami.

Krishna Janmashtami aarti :

aarti kunj bihari ki

Krishna Janmashtami wishes :

  • May you celebrate this Janmashtami with lots of joy and happiness. Wishing you and your family a very auspicious Janmashtami!
  • Let there be love, happiness and laughter in your life with Lord Krishna’s blessings. Wishing you and your family a very happy Janmashtami!
  • May the blessings of Lord Krishna always be with you and your family. Wishing you and your family a very happy Janmashtami!
  • On this Janmashtami, may Lord Krishna come to your house crawling on his little toes and take away all your worries and sorrows and bless you and your family. Happy Krishna Janmashtami!

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